What was the ecological condition of the island before and after the restoration? What is the ecological function of the hydro-system?

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Ecological monitoring


Ecological indicators are taken into consideration to estimate the quality of the environment. Thus, the water and land vegetation can be monitored each season. Physical and chemical parameters are also measured: pH (potential hydrogen), conductivity and water temperature.

Fauna is also a good indicator of the ecological state of the environment. The construction of the standard global biological index (IBGN) allows the biological quality of the water course to be measured in a standard way. Based on a predictive model, hydro-ecologists seek to determine the potential for the colonisation of the new channel, using different methods such as nets, light traps and even water traps made of an artificial substrate.




Libellula genus dragonfly © D. Coacolo, 2014

Light trap on the Old Rhine © D. Coacolo, 2014

Seasonal field campaign Limnimetric data acquisition (level of water in the river), piezometric data (level of water in the water table) and physical/chemical data (pH, conductivity, temperature). © D. Eschbach, 2012