On Rohrschollen Island, between meadowland and forest, the floristic heritage is diverse: each habitat has its particular flora. Of all the plant species found on the reserve, some are protected at national or regional level; others are emblematic of the Rhine habitat.

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Forest flora

Within an alluvial forest massif, there may be a wealth of flora and certain plant species are considered typical of Rhine forest flora. The black polar (Populus nigra), willow, oak and other wild apple trees (Malus sylvestris) covered in climbing plants are part and parcel of the Rhine jungle.

Meadow flora

The floristic inventories compiled from 2001 to 2008 mention the richness of the meadows and the shrubby habitats that surround them: 231 plant species were catalogued. The most remarkable meadow species (owing both to their populations and their attractive aspect) are the orchids but they are not the only ones.

Flora in the humid areas and water courses

The flora in the humid area is diverse; the range of flora varies according to water levels, the speed of the current and the quality of the water. Certain species are remarkable for their rarity and/or attractive aspect.

Heritage flora

The reserve hosts thirteen species of protected plant, one of which at national level and eleven at regional level. Other species are not protected but included in the Red List Alsace.

The red lists of threatened habitats in Alsace (Odonat - 2003) assess the state of conservation and vulnerability of animal and plant species, and even of natural habitats. They help to establish priorities according to criteria of rarity, vulnerability, threats...

Photographs :
Bee orchid © Camille HELLIO
Bittersweet nightshade © Camille HELLIO
Tassel Hyacinth © Camille HELLIO