The flora in humid areas is diverse; the range of flora varies according to water levels, the speed of the current and the quality of the water. Certain species are remarkable for their rarity and/or their attractive aspect.

The Flowering Rush

Along the Old Rhine in June-July, large white to pink umbels emerge from the sedge grasses. These belong to the Flowering Rush (Butomus umbellatus), a palustrine plant protected in Alsace. The butomus grows in the muddy beds of stagnant or slow-flowing water.

The Common Frogbit

Owing to the Bauerngrundwasser's loss of vitality, the current is practically non-existent in certain sectors. One species has taken advantage of this loss of vitality: the Common Frogbit (Hydrocharis morsus-ranae). This plant, which belongs to the Hydrocharitaceae family and is protected in Alsace, is disseminated all along the Bauerngrundwasser as well as the stretches of water connected to it. At first sight, the foliage of the plant looks like a small water lily.

Photographs © C. HELLIO :
Flowering Rush - Bittersweet nightshade - Marsh Helleborine