Classification as a Nature Reserve entails a very high level of protection and goes hand in hand with strict rules. What is at stake is the conservation of our nature areas and the protection of species and habitats under threat of extinction. If we want to enjoy these treasures and also allow future generations to enjoy them, it is the duty of each and every one of us to adopt behaviour that respects these sites.

Rohrschollen Island Nature Reserve is a natural area, open to everyone, but it is subject to regulations, the aim of which is to protect the biological treasures of the nature reserve.

In particular, it is prohibited:

  • To bring in, pick or destroy flora and fauna (picking wild fruit and mushrooms for the family to eat or lily of the valley is permitted)

  • To disturb the animals

  • To bring in dogs, even on a leash

  • To hunt

  • To camp, build a bivouac or light a fire

  • To discard litter

  • To disrupt the peace and quiet of the area with any kind of sound-producing instrument

  • To use motorised vehicles

Failure to abide by the regulations exposes the culprit to sanctions.

The full regulations of the reserve are set out in Chapter III of Decree No. 97-209 of 4 March 1997 establishing Rohrschollen Island Nature Reserve: Download the decree.