Habitats and species targeted by the project to restore the dynamics of the Rhine alluvial habitats on Rohrschollen Island.

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Habitats and species targeted by the project

List of main species


  • The main species targeted by the project, listed in the Annexes to the "Birds" and "Habitats" Directives
  • Their population on the island
  • Their conservation status

List of the main habitats

Find the names of the main habitats, their Natura 2000 code, their conservation status.

Threats and expected results

Find the threats identified in relation to these habitats and species and the way in which the project will respond to them.

Threat 1
Disappearance of the pioneer stage in alluvial forest succession
Threat 2

Degradation of habitats in the open and forest habitats typical of alluvial habitats
Threat 3

Alluviation of the arms supplying the Bauerngrundwasser and its secondary hydrographic network
Threat 4

Degradation of the exchange between the Bauerngrundwasser and the water table
Threat 5
Disappearance of the Spined Loach (Cobitis taenia)

Papilio machaon caterpillar
Brown hairstreak © Camille HELLIO

Great Spotted Woodpecker © Sylvain HELLIO