Measurement of the water levels and flow rates in the Bauerngrundwasser

Hydraulic and hydrological monitoring

Variations in water level have been measured since the start of 2013. Initial observations show that the limnimetric level within the Bauerngrundwasser is relatively stable. It is artificially controlled by the agricultural dam. During rare flood retention phases, the water level can be raised by several metres. At low water, flows are very weak, giving this environment a quasi-stagnant character.

One of the restoration project's objectives is to recreate dynamic floods (varying the flow rates injected, water levels and flow speeds), in order to allow rheophilic (running water) species to be introduced.

Limnimetric data reading during a field campaign. © D. Eschbach, 2014

Example of the June 2013 flood (4,000 cubic metres a second) and limnimetric recording of flood retention, carried out on Rohrschollen Island (water level raised by more than 2 m). Sources: LIVE (limni 1) and "German Federal Waterways and Shipping Administration (WSV)", flows at Breisach and Kehl communicated by “the German Federal Institute of Hydrology”.