The City of Strasbourg was appointed managing authority of the nature reserve by the Prefect of Bas-Rhin. In this capacity, it draws up and implements a management plan.étrum sanguineum mâle.jpg

Management plan

General principles

The French Environmental Code provides that the managing authorities of nature reserves must draw up and implement a reference document, referred to as the management plan.

The first management plan, drawn up by the managing authority within three years of its appointment, is based on a scientific assessment of the reserve's natural heritage and its future development and describes the objectives that the managing authority sets for itself with a view to protecting the reserve's natural spaces. It is subject to the findings of the consultative committee, the scientific committee and the French National Council for Nature Conservation. It is ordered for a period of five years by the Prefect.

At the end of the first five-year period, implementation of the plan is assessed and the plan is renewed and, where applicable, modified by decision of the Prefect.

Management plans for the Rohrschollen Island Nature Reserve

The first management plan covered the period 2004-2008. It was assessed by the France Nature Reserves network, following the decision of the CSRPN.

The second management plan, which covers the period 2012-2016, was approved on 21th of december 2012.

Swallowtail butterfly © Camille HELLIO
European Tree Frog © Jean-Pierre VACHER (BUFO)
Male Ruddy Darter