Objectives of the project to restore the dynamics of the Rhine alluvial habitats on Rohrschollen Island.

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Project objectives

This project aims to re-establish a dynamic flood regime on Rohrschollen island, based on the hydrological rhythm of the Rhine.

The main action to be taken concerns the creation of a water intake structure on the southern part of the island, so that the Bauerngrundwasser hydrographic network can be supplied directly from the Rhine. This structure will introduce a discharge of between 5 and 80 m³/s, depending on the natural hydrological conditions of the Rhine. Connections between the hydrographic network on the island and the Rhine will be guaranteed by additional works on both secondary branches of the main stream in order to re-establish effective exchanges with the river.

The project will contribute furthermore to restore the remarkable "gallery" alluvial forests found along the four major European rivers flowing down from the Alps. It will be based on the presence of willow and alder wood habitat found at the Rohrschollen site, which is essential to the regeneration of alluvial forest dynamics, but has become rare in the Rhine valley.

Argiope © Pierre BUCHERT
Black hairstreak © Camille HELLIO
Smooth newt © Jean BARBERY (BUFO)