The City of Strasbourg entered into a partnership with an inter-disciplinary scientific team from the University of Strasbourg's Laboratoire Image Ville Environnement (Laboratory Image City Environment - LIVE UMR 7362 –, the CNRS – Unistra – ENGEES) to answer the following question: What have been the ecological benefits as a result of restoration actions and how long will they last?




Scientific monitoring was introduced in 2012 (i.e. two years before completion of the restoration work). It is based on different Life+ project tasks which it breaks down into practical actions within a monitoring protocol.

Pre-restoration scientific monitoring

  • Historical, paleo-environmental study
  • Geomorphological monitoring
  • Hydraulic and hydrological monitoring
  • Hydrogeological monitoring
  • Ecological monitoring.

Interdisciplinary approach

The number and diversity of monitoring parameters encourage collaboration between researchers.

Scientific communication

  • Conferences
  • Seminars
  • Current and forthcoming articles

Information to the general public

Bauerngrundwasser upstream © D. ESCHBACH,2013
Bauerngrundwasser downstream © D. COACOLO, 2014
Confluence between the artificial channel and the Bauerngrundwasser © D. ESCHBACH, 2014