Studies conducted within the framework of the initial pre-restoration state (2012-2014).

Historical, paleo-environmental study

Geographers and hydro-geomorphologists from LIVE studied the history of Rohrschollen Island to improve their current understanding of the landscape and anticipate future changes.

See also the presentation of the historical development of Rohrschollen in the "Operation" section.

Geomorphological monitoring

A number of morphological changes expected in the new channel. They will depend essentially on the flows injected, themselves dependent on Rhine flooding.

Hydraulic and hydrological monitoring

Measurement of the water levels and flow rates in the Bauerngrundwasser.

Hydrogeological monitoring

Measurement of water levels in the water table

Ecological monitoring

Ecological indicators are taken into consideration to estimate the quality of the environment.

Photographs :
Particle size in the unprotected artificial channel © D. ESCHBACH, 2014
GPS readings in the artificial channel © D. ESCHBACH, 2014

Light traps © D. COACOLO, 2014